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Personal Affiliate Disclosure

We would like to divert your attention to the fact that this website has affiliation links. These links are additional revenue stream for us in case if our clients follow these links to the respective exchanges. You also have benefits as well. With Coinbase, for example, with every $100 purchase or sell you make, through our referral links, you will also be credited with $10 of free bitcoin.

Tutorial Buying Bitcoins Credit Debit Card Coinbase

My team works hard to collect information and put together high-quality bitcoin buying tutorials and guides such as how to buy bitcoin with a credit cardbank accountcash, or PayPal. Affiliate links enable us to earn money to keep this site running.

Making it easier to locate one of the top bitcoin exchanges or the best bitcoin hardware wallet is our number one goal. In fact, I am able to negotiate a lower rate fairly frequently, up to 35% savings on paying with bitcoin (or bonuses) which are not available elsewhere due to my reputation and networking.

Additionally, when you order through my link, it helps me continue to offer you lots of free products and support my beginner’s quick guide to bitcoin.

It is true that we have not tested every exchange listed. However, we would never post an exchange that we believe to be a scam. We receive many emails from exchanges asking to be added to our site and deny most.

On a more personal level, keep in mind that I am not a financial expert. I am just a person who is interested in bitcoins in the same way you are. My advice is not based on any academic knowledge since it is my own, personal opinion. Any decisions you make that relates to whether or not to buy, invest, sell or promote bitcoin are your own responsibility.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and for your support.

John Ryan