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We’ve been oftenly asked whether our experts write for external websites and related resources. Of course, they do! Our team is constantly following the news on the net in order to keep up with all changes in the crypto world. You know how quickly it develops and grows. On the other hand, we always share our knowledge and opinion with others, this is why the leading author of BitcoinBestBuy John Ryan is well-known not only among our readers, but also across the entire crypto community.

Today we have good news for you. We’ve been thinking about how to provide our visitors with a comfortable opportunity to find and look through the articles that we publish on other platforms. This page will contain the links and short previews of such posts. All these writings were warmly received by the experts and internet users, even those who were not previously interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We are sure, you’ll find them interesting, too.

Great World of Cryptocurrencies

Earlier, when we talked about cryptocurrencies, it was mostly about Bitcoin, and a couple of other major tokens, like Ethereum or Litecoin. Those times are over, and now the crypto technologies enter our everyday life with remarkable speed. New coins and systems of conducting transactions and verifying the information have even developed into something completely different from the old good blockchain. And all this is what we always study, trying not to miss a single detail.

Our team of writers, led by John Ryan, knows all about Bitcoin, and we’ve done our best to tell you all its secrets. On the BitcoinBestBuy website you can find the information about its history, structure, mechanism of action, ways to earn and buy BTC, investment strategies, best places where you can spend the coins for goods and services, most popular and reputable exchanges and wallets, etc. etc. However, our interests are not limited to this cryptocurrency, albeit the biggest and most popular one.

Blockchain is already involved in so many spheres of business and regular life, and oftentimes this is not about the virtual tokens. See yourself:

  • banks use it to store and verify information;
  • insurance companies implement blockchain to adapt their services to the needs of modern customers;
  • food companies broaden their horizons with the help of the public ledger;
  • gambling and betting businesses make use of it in order to attract more players from around the globe;
  • media websites also use this technology to connect video and audio content producers with their audience;
  • even governments, who firstly tried to ban it, employ blockchain in sociological and statistical studies.

I can add more to this list, but it would never end then.

We also write about new tokens and startups, about the evolution of cryptography, and new ideas and technologies, like machine-to-machine microtransactions with the help of IOTA, the possibility to send any asset or data within one Ripple network, and many others. And now you finally have the single webpage where you can find all those reviews, blogs, and answers to the most popular questions.

Our Articles Posted on External Websites

Below, you’ll see the links and short intros to the most popular works by John Ryan. Everyone will find something interesting there, as they tell about different issues, and discover the world of cryptocurrencies from different sides. Enjoy!

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What Famous People Say About Bitcoin

Famous people who talk about BTC are not necessarily the financial moguls. We’ve gathered here IT geniuses: Bill Gates, Vitalik Buterin, and Eric Smidt; celebrities, like Ashton Kutcher and Childish Gambino; politicians, like Al Gore, etc. If you want to know that they think about blockchain — read this article. If you want to know that they think about blockchain — read this article.

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How to Buy Bitcoin in Hawaii

John Ryan has done a research on how different states treat cryptocurrencies. One of the most Bitcoin unfriendly places of the United States is Hawaii. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy any BTC there. This detailed instruction will tell you how to do it. In addition, you’ll find the info about the regulations on BTC in Hawaii.

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The Cryptocurrency That You Do Not Know: UTRUST Review

Learn about the new and revolutionary payment system, crypto coin, and company, that develops a comfortable and quick application to buy and sell goods and services online. The interesting thing about it is that you can use various tokens within one platform. Read this article to know more about the UTRUST coin.

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Should I Buy Bitcoin Now?

If you hesitate to buy BTC, thinking if it is worth investing, and what the future holds for cryptocurrencies, you should pay attention to this piece. John Ryan tells about the history of the main crypto, the current situation, and its prospects. You will also know when it is the best to buy crypto coins.

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Top Blockchain Startups to Follow in 2019

Do not miss the article about the best companies launched recently that involve the public ledger and digital payments. You’ll be surprised to know how widely this technology is used in the modern business, and how you can make money of it investing in new startups.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2019: Experts View

Another article with the forecasts from the most well-known and successful cryptocurrency experts: Ronnie Moas, Sonny Singh, Arthur Hayes, Sam Doctor, Mike Novogratz, Calvin Ayre. Our senior writer John Ryan also gave his prognoses about the BTC price in 2019.


Why are cryptocurrency exchanges still being hacked?

In this longread, you’ll find the information about the greatest hacks of crypto exchanges and the hugest losses of virtual tokens in history. You’ll see the reasons why digital wallets and trading platforms are so vulnerable to cyber criminals. And the most useful — you’ll learn how to protect your funds from being stolen.

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Bitcoin Investment Strategy In 2019

John Ryan tells us about the best and most promising Bitcoin investment strategies for the nearest future. The readers can find out how to raise money trading cryptocurrencies. The author also shares his experience on what you should never do if you really want to succeed in crypto investments.

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Top 10 World-Known Companies That Accept Bitcoin

If you do not know where you can spend your BTC, this article is for you. You’ll see that it is good not only for ordering pizza. Cryptos can be used to purchase programming software, audio and video content, you can buy tickets and book hotels or cars for them! Insurance companies, domain hosts, automobile sellers, major e-commerce businesses, and many other companies accept BTC now. Follow this link and see the top ten of them!

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Does Bitcoin have any real value?

This posting is about the nature and history of money and Bitcoin. Read it, and you will know more about why traditional assets have value, when and why people have started accepting them for goods and services, and why cryptos are valuable, too.


Our team is not going to stop writing for the external resources, and with time we’ll add more articles here. You’ll see new posts about the most important and interesting events in the world of cryptocurrencies. As this world evolves incessantly, we’ll follow all changes and novelties as well. To keep up with the latest news, you can follow us on Twitter and YouTube.