Top 100 Bitcoin Exchanges List


A crypto exchange is an online platform where you can exchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or for other types of assets, such as fiat money. There are four main types of crypto exchanges: traditional, cryptocurrency broker, direct trading platform and cryptocurrency funds. Crypto exchanges can be market makers that either take buy/sell spreads as commissions for the service they provide or charge a fee for it.

In this article, you will read about the different crypto exchanges there are, their availability and what you can do on them.

Top 100 Bitcoin Exchanges List

Which Are the Largest Exchanges?

Some of the largest and most popular bitcoin exchanges currently operating are Coinbase/Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Bitfinex, Binance and Kraken. These are the top crypto exchanges in the world that operate in many countries around the globe. They have a large user base, which means there are usually more buyers and sellers.

Coinbase. This a San Francisco based company and is probably the best BTC exchange for people who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency trade. This is a place where you can buy and sell several coins using USD. Once you get familiar with this exchange, it is recommended that you move on to Coinbase Pro (GDAX) for more serious trading.

Coinbase Pro (GDAX). This is related to Coinbase, as it was created by this company. It has somewhat limited choices as to what altcoins can be traded, although it does allow to trade US dollars and euros, as well as the British pound, for bitcoin. It is a good choice if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, and they give you information on their website, such as a price and rate chart and open orders.

Coinbase Pro (GDAX) official website

Bitfinex. This is one of the most popular crypto exchanges, based in the US, with large supply rate of over $1.8 billion worth of daily trade It is also the largest USD to BTC exchange currently in the market. The site offers many other altcoins, apart from bitcoin while bank transfers are the only way to fund your account with fiat money.

Kraken offers much the same services as above mentioned platforms, though its specialty is EUR trade and margin trading functions. The company has been operating for a while now since 2011 to be exact and has established itself as one of the largest global players in the industry.

Where to Buy Not Only Bitcoins?

Some exchanges have a lot of options with regard to what currencies they will trade in. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Coinbase will let you buy and trade with Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is available in over 33 countries. The same goes for Coinbase Pro (GDAX), which is run by Coinbase.

Poloniex is a US-based exchange but it also operates in Europe. This exchange focuses on altcoins and supports bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero and over 80 other altcoins.

Poloniex crypto exchange

Binance has trading available in bitcoin, Ripple, Tether, Ethereum, Verge, Tron, NEO, 0x, Dash, Binance coin and over 80 others. has availability for bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

CEX.IO has support for buying and selling in bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple and Zcash.

Bittrex allows trading in several cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, OmiseGO, Dash, Nexium, Siacoin and Zcash. It is also available globally.

What Are the Most Secured and Trusted Bitcoin Brokers?

When dealing with cryptocurrency, there is always the question of security, no matter what platform or exchange you are using. No one single exchange can be said to be completely secure, and there have been many hacks in the last few years. For this reason, it is not recommended keeping your cryptocurrency on exchanges, but to transfer them to a safe wallet when you are not trading.

Your bitcoins in safe

That being said, some popular and widely used bitcoin exchanges, such as Coinbase Pro (GDAX) and Coinbase mentioned above, do have some security features that you can enable. These include two-factor authentication and the requirement for a strong password. Additionally, these exchanges are even insured, so you can feel a little safer should anything happen on their end.

Which Bitcoin Exchange Has the Lowest Fees?

Within most bitcoin exchanges, transactions done entirely in cryptocurrency are normally free of charge. Another type of transactions, such as bank wire transfers and credit card top-ups do usually have a fee. Another common type of fee is the trading fee, which most of the time is between 0.1% and 0.25% of the transaction, but can sometimes be up to 1%.

CEX.IO is probably the exchange that has the lowest fees when it comes to credit card deposits, with 3.5%, and withdrawals, with 1.2% while bank deposits are conducted for free.

Coinbase charges $10 for incoming wire transfer deposits, and withdrawal stands at 25 US dollars. The fee for credit card deposit is 3.99% and the trade fee is 1.49%.

Coinbase Pro (GDAX) has a standard fee between 0.10% and 0.30%, with credit card and bank withdrawal fees equal to those of Coinbase.

Binance has one of the lowest trading fees right now in comparison to the others, only 0.1%, and this can get even lower if you use the Binance coin.

Binance crypto exchange

Which Are Private to Use?

Several bitcoin exchanges let you use their services without having to verify your identity. All you need is an email and a password and you can start trading right away.

The advantage of this is that you can avoid providing any personal information to exchange, such as name, address, date of birth, or a copy of your ID, and you do not have to wait for that information to be validated. On the other hand, some exchanges have limits in the trade volume and withdrawals for unverified users.

Among private bitcoin trading platforms, the following can be counted:

  •, which does not require verification and has no limits for unverified accounts.
  •, which allows unverified cryptocurrencies with no trading limits.
  •, which requires verification on their site only if you want to use bank transfers. No verification is required otherwise.
  • Bitsquare, who likewise require no personal or sensitive information. All you need to do is download and install their software and you can start trading.
  • LocalBitcoins and Paxful both offer similar services and are quite private to use if you find willing sellers. Being P2P platforms, it is important to note that unverified accounts tend to be risky in terms of coin and money transfer.

Buy and sell bitcoin instantly with Paxful

What Exchanges Offer Global Services?

Crypto exchanges have services in many places over the world, but not all they are available everywhere. Some exchanges that have the largest global presence are:

  • Coinsbank: this is an exchange that can provide you with a bitcoin debit card, and will accept credit card, bank deposit and withdrawals, although some users have stated that their fees are extremely high;
  • Cryptopay: They can issue Visa bitcoin debit cards in GBP, EUR and USD, and you can do bank transfers with them. The best part is that its services are available worldwide, with an exception of the US, which requires tight regulations and license fees from companies involved in this sort of business;
  • Bittrex: It has a focus on security and in the adding new crypto pairs. It currently allows trading in over 190 altcoins. Fiats are not accepted in this exchange which practically allowed the company to operate around the globe without issues;
  • ShapeShift: This is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers users the option to buy a variety of over 30 altcoins without having to register with them. We do need to mention that crypto-to-crypto trade is the only available option at ShapeShift while fees are hidden behind the rates;
  • P2P platforms like LocalBitcoins, Paxful and all offer their services worldwide, depending only on sellers and buyers’ locations.

ShapeShift digital platform

What Platform Offers Most Fiat Currencies and Payment Methods?

Not all bitcoin exchanges are able, or willing, to let you use any payment method or currency. Credit card payments, for instance, are not always accepted because credit card transactions can be contested and reversed by the user, so they tend to be avoided. Some exchanges do accept them, though. While some exchanges prefer trading in altcoin, some will also let you use several fiat currencies.

CEX.IO has a good selection of fiat currencies and payment options, including US dollar, euro, British pound, Russian ruble. Plus, as mentioned above, their fees are reasonable. It also accepts credit card deposit and withdrawal (Visa and MasterCard), and bank deposit and withdrawal (SWIFT and SEPA).

CEX.IO exchange

Coinbase accepts payments in US dollar, euro and British pound, as well as debit card payments, and bank transfers.

Coinbase Pro (GDAX) is aimed towards more experienced altcoin traders, and it accepts US dollars, euros and British pounds. Same day wire bank transfers are available, too.

Let’s Sum Up

As we have seen, there are several different types of bitcoin exchanges. Some of them offer a wider array of services and options, while others are geared towards more experienced users or traders who are interested in large-amount transactions. It would be difficult to say what the best exchange is, if there is even such a thing.

Select your exchanger

Some of them are not available worldwide but are popular in certain regions of the world. The fees that users are charged for doing business in these exchanges also vary greatly from one to another. If you are considering trading bitcoin, then it is recommended that you take a look for yourself at what exchanges are available for you, to see which is the one that best fits your needs.

We made a list of exchanges per country that you should check out. Make sure to bookmark this page (hold Ctrl and press D or ⌘ Command + D) for future reference.

Exchange / Beginner-FriendlyCountriesCurrencyDeposit MethodQuick TakeReviewTrust & Total Score

Top 30 Global Bitcoin Exchanges in the United States / Canada / Australia / UK / Europe

Coinbase CAD AUD SGD (deposit or withdrawal) (withdrawal only) The best way to buy bitcoin online in the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK & Europe. Liquid, low-fee US-based bitcoin exchange that holds multiple currencies. Due to our referral program, when you sign up and buy or sell $100 worth of bitcoin, you will earn $10 of free bitcoin! Coinbase Review A+ / 9.85
Coinmama incl. (22 states) Allows purchases of bitcoins with credit card to nearly everyone in the world. Available only in 22 US states. Coinmama Review A / 9.65
Changelly incl. Instant cryptocurrency and BTC exchange with user-friendly interface. Fees are higher than the average as it provides speed and privacy (no ID verification). A / 9.60 incl. ETH, Crypto Capital Well-funded reputable bitcoin exchange. Great option worth checking out. Review A / 9.55
LocalBitcoins incl. All Currencies WebMoney, Skrill, Gift Cards The most private way to buy Ƀ through a P2P exchange. Cash, PayPal, gift cards, and more. Operates everywhere! A / 9.50
VirWox incl. Moneybookers, Skrill, Paysafecard, SOFORT Buy bitcoins with PayPal: one of the main methods that people use to buy bitcoin is through PayPal. They charge a 10% commission fee for PayPal/BTC trading. VirWox Review B+ / 8.75
Coin ATM Radar incl. All Currencies A global map of bitcoin ATMs. The most private way to buy bitcoins with cash and without a verification of ID. N/A / 8.70
LibertyX Buy Ƀ instantly with cash at thousands of local stores. LibertyX is the largest nationwide network for BTC purchase with cash. B+ / 8.65
BitQuick CAD Buy bitcoins with cash via cash deposit or with bank transfer. Fees are higher than average. B+ / 8.55
Poloniex incl. 69+ Crypto Pairs 69+ Coins The best cryptocurrency exchange. Great fees and liquidity. B+ / 9.70
Coinhouse 3D Secure, Neosurf vouchers Coinhouse offers relatively high buying limits. Popular in Europe. A / 9.45
Kraken CAD Europe's best bitcoin exchange available for US and Canadian traders. Recommended for larger amounts of bitcoins. Kraken Review B+ / 9.30
GDAX CAD AUD SGD ETH One of the biggest bitcoin exchanges in the world. It is owned by the Coinbase. Great for traders with technical knowledge and offers good liquidity. A+ / 9.85
Wall of Coins Peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins easily. A / 9.45
Paxful incl. Gift Cards, 150+ Payment Methods Peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, connecting buyers with sellers. Over 150 payment methods. B+ / 8.90
Bitfinex 8+ Coins One of the biggest bitcoin exchanges. Excellent trading fees, located in Hong Kong. USD bank transfer wires (both withdrawals and deposits) are available. B+ / 9.15 The most reputed online wallet. It is encrypted by a default and is very secure. Blockchain Review A+ / 9.50
BitPanda SEPA, Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay BitPanda (ex-Coinimal) is a European bitcoin broker that enables purchasing bitcoins with credit or debit cards. BitPanda Review A / 9.45
ePayments incl. Receive and make cross-border payments absolutely for free. Save money making instant mass payouts. A / 9.45
BitSquare incl. 59+ Crypto Pairs Bitsquare is not to be bypassed for the more technically knowledgeable traders. A / 9.35
Bittrex incl. 190+ Crypto Pairs 190+ Coins Focuses on security and adding new crypto pairs, which is quite positive. Great option that is worth checking out. A / 9.20
WeSellCrypto incl. Super easy purchasing of Ƀ with PayPal. Simple checkout, coins delivered in seconds. B+ / 9.15
ANXPRO incl. CAD AUD HKD SGD AUD CHF Trusted Ƀ exchange located in Hong Kong that provides a safe and reputable marketplace for you to buy and sell bitcoins. A / 9.10
SpectroCoin incl. London-based BTC exchange with extremely easy to use interface and great security. Cheapest bitcoin debit cards for only $9. Good users reviews. B+ / 9.05
Mycelium Local Trader incl. CAD Send and receive bitcoins using their mobile app. The Local Trader feature is great! A / 9.05
Cubits incl. excluding + 19 Currencies Multi-purpose platform to buy, store, and exchange bitcoin. Great merchant tools. High fees. Fast KYC process.

On December 11th, 2018, Cubits was forced to administration and reported bankruptcy. The key reason is that it couldn't recover after financial losses caused by fraudsters in February.

B+ / 9.00
HitBTC incl. Crypto Pairs The most advanced bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and monero exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Great option that is worth checking out. B+ / 8.95
Coinify DKK Trade bitcoin securely, fast and easily. Good for EU merchants. A / 8.85
Bitstamp incl. SEPA One of the biggest bitcoin exchanges in Europe. Operates outside of the United Kingdom. Bitstamp Review A / 8.80

The Best Local Bitcoin Exchanges in Canada

Quickbt CAD Canadian safe and trusted bitcoin exchange. Pay instantly using your INTERAC debit card or 3K+ cash payment options.

On December 10, 2018, QuickBT stopped its service.

A / 9.65
QuadrigaCX CAD One of the largest Ƀ and ether exchanges in Canada. A / 9.55

The Best Local Bitcoin Exchanges in Australia

BTC Markets AUD Popular bitcoin exchange in Australia that offers low fees. A / 9.85
Buyabitcoin AUD Easy-to-use site to buy bitcoins in Australia. Offers quick cash purchases. B+ / 9.20
Hardblock AUD POLi Australia's fastest way to buy and sell bitcoin. B+ / 9.15

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in China / Taiwan / Japan / Hong Kong /Korea / Singapore / Asia

ZBcom incl. HKD The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in China, opened in 2017. A / 9.40
Maicoin + 12 Asian Countries TWD Buy bitcoin in Taiwan with local bank transfer or cash. B+ / 9.30
Bitoex TWD Great to buy bitcoins in Taiwan with cash (over 5,000 locations at convenience stores). B+ / 9.25
Bit Flyer The most popular bitcoin exchange in Japan, also available in USA. A / 9.65
Coincheck Popular Japanese Ƀ and Ethereum exchange platform. A / 9.60
Gemini ETH Fully regulated, licensed bitcoin and ether exchange. A / 9.75
Korbit The largest BTC exchange in South Korea. A / 9.65
Coinplug Great to find a bitcoin ATM in South Korea to buy bitcoins with cash A / 9.60
BitKan Alipay Bitcoin marketplace and wallet service located in China. Accepts both WeChat and Alipay. A / 9.55
Quoine Exchange HKD SGD IDR PHP AUD Popular Japanese BTC and ether exchange for multiple fiat currencies (INR, HKD, SGD, IDR, PHP, AUD). B+ / 9.50
Coinhako SGD, MYR Can be used to buy bitcoin in Singapore with local bank transfer. B+ / 9.45 IDR The biggest bitcoin exchange in Indonesia (also check out artaBit and

On March 14, 2018,, an Indonesian BTC marketplace, was renamed to Indodax.

B+ / 9.40 THB The first bitcoin exchange in Thailand that offers Thai baht fiat trading. B+ / 9.30
Luno IDR, MYR, NGN, ZAR, SGD Bitcoin exchange that offers wallet and exchange services in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia (formerly known as BitX). B+ / 9.20 PHP The most popular BTC exchange in the Philippines. Can also be used to receive and send remittances. B+ / 9.15

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in India / Pakistan

Unocoin The largest bitcoin exchange in India. Unocoin Review B+ / 9.45
Zebpay The most popular Ƀ exchange in India. Simple and easy to use bitcoin wallet. Zebpay Review B+ / 9.40
Urdubit PKR The easiest way to buy bitcoins in Pakistan.

Urdubit exchange has been shut down due to State Bank of Pakistan prohibition.

B+ / 9.05
Remitano + 20 More 20+ Currencies New P2P bitcoin escrowed service, where you can buy/sell bitcoin locally (similar to LocalBitcoins). B / 9.00

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Mexico / Brazil / Argentina / Chile / South America

Bitso MXN Pademobile Mexico's largest bitcoin exchange. Fund your balances with a bank account or with cash (137,000 physical locations). B+ / 9.45
Chip Chap EUR, MXN Safetypay Allows Mexican users to exchange Ƀ to Mexican Peso through 5,000 brick-and-mortar stores and partner ATMs in Mexico. B+ / 9.30 incl. except ARS BRL CHP MXN The most popular bitcoin exchange in Latin America that offers buy and sell bitcoin transactions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico. B / 9.15
SatoshiTango South America incl. ARS Fast and secure way to buy and sell bitcoin in Argentina using a credit card or local bank transfer. B+ / 9.35
Mercado Bitcoin R$ The largest BTC exchange in Brazil and South America. B+ / 9.30
FoxBit R$ The leading bitcoin exchange in Brazil. B / 9.25
bitInka PEN South American bitcoin exchange to buy and sell bitcoin in Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil. B / 9.20
Guarani Bitcoin PYG The most popular Ƀ exchange in Paraguay. C+ / 8.70
Surbtc CLP, COP The largest bitcoin exchange in Chile and Colombia. C+ / 8.60
Surbitcoin VEF The largest BTC and digital currency exchange in Venezuela, peer-to-peer cash options and bank transfer. C+ / 8.20

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Israel

Bit2c Bitcoin exchange that allows trading between Shekel and BTC. B+ / 9.40
Bits of Gold Same-day bitcoin buy/sell service platform located in Israel. B+ / 9.25

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Dubai, UAE / Saudi Arabia / Middle East

BitOasis AED The first bitcoin exchange and BTC wallet in Middle East including Dubai. Protects your digital assets using a multi-signature technology. B+ / 9.30
Indacoin incl. The quickest bitcoin purchases with no registration. B+ / 9.25

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Nigeria / Africa

Nairaex NGN Perfect Money, WebMoney The biggest Nigerian bitcoin exchange to buy and sell Ƀ using Perfect Money and WebMoney with Nigerian Naira at lowest fees. C+ / 8.50
BitPesa Africa KES NGN TZS UGX Bitcoin startup in Africa that offers to buy bitcoin with a mobile phone as well as remittance service. C+ / 8.30

The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Russia The most popular bitcoin exchange in Russia. Variety of deposit options. B+ / 9.15
Yobit 350+ Crypto Pairs The largest Russian cryptocurrency exchange. Low fees and high liquidity. B / 9.05
Bestchange Yandex, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Sberbank, Alfabank, VTB24 + 30 More Bestchange is the oldest Russian bitcoin exchange. You can buy bitcoin with Russian Rubles through a bank transfer, cash, Yandex Money or PayPal. B+ / 9.10

The Full List of Bitcoin Exchanges Worldwide incl. Fast approval for new users, instant for recurring clients. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are accepted. B+ / 9.25
Shapeshift incl. 30+ Crypto Pairs 30+ Coins Cryptocurrency exchange that offers its users to buy a variety of altcoins without the need to register. B / 9.20 incl. SEPA The largest Ƀ exchange based in Germany. B+ / 9.15
CoinsBank incl. OKPay, PerfectMoney You send them money, they give you bitcoin debit card. Users say that they charge enormous fees (formerly known as Bit-X). B / 9.10
Cryptopay incl. Visa bitcoin debit cards in GBP, EUR and USD. Cards must be loaded with bitcoin prior to being uploaded into online interface. B+ / 9.25
Vaultoro incl. Gold Gold The first gold to bitcoin exchange where you can trade bitcoin directly for physical gold. Located in Switzerland. B+ / 9.30
BitBay PLN The most popular bitcoin exchange in Poland available for EU citizens. B+ / 9.10
c-cex Crypto Pairs Crypto to crypto exchange and a fiat to crypto exchange. B / 8.70
BitBargain A P2P marketplace that connects buyers with trusted sellers. Get bitcoins in the UK quickly, safely, and at a competitive price. B+ / 9.05
Anycoin Direct CAD EPS, Mistercash, SOFORT Dutch bitcoin exchange that offers instant buying and selling bitcoin transactions in Europe and Canada. B+ / 9.00
Paymium SEPA The first European bitcoin exchange founded in 2011 and located in France. They provide fiat euro to BTC exchange service. B / 8.95
HappyCoins SEPA, iDeal, Bancontact MisterCash, GiroPay, MyBank, SOFORT, Interac. Safe, fast, transparent and cheap bitcoin exchange service for those who wish to buy and sell cryptocurrency at no hidden fees. B / 8.90
Xapo incl. Mobile wallet and vault with a useful app. It offers a debit bitcoin Visa card. B / 8.90
247Exchange incl. All currencies Fair prices and good reputation but verification process takes some time.

Currently, the website of 247exchange doesn't work. In September 2018, it was announced that the team of 24exchange is looking for investors to finish 247: Platform & App development.

B / 8.85
Bitit incl. CAD AUD NGN Buy bitcoin online with a 3D-Secure debit or credit card. Also offers cash option in more than 150,000+ stores using Cashlib, Neosurf, Flexepin or vouchers. B / 8.80
CoinCorner UK-based bitcoin exchange with a great interface. The wallet is beginner-friendly, easy to use, and quite intuitive. B / 8.75
Bittylicious Instant Reliable bitcoin exchange in the United Kingdom that offers easy way to buy bitcoins using a UK bank transfer. Low fees, fully guaranteed and very simple. B+ / 8.70
CoinGate Moneypolo Bitcoin payment processor and exchange, enabling individuals and businesses to accept payments in bitcoin and receive payouts in USD, EUR, GBP. B / 8.65
Cashila European Ƀ payment gateway and bitcoin-to-euro conversion service. Cashila is focusing on B2B services only.

As of 1st of June 2017, the broker Cashila stopped its operations, and it no longer offers its services for traders.

B+ / 8.60
Coinfloor PLN Coinfloor is one of the UK's top exchanges. It uses 100% multisignature cold storage. B / 8.55
Coinfinity Bitcoin ATMs, SOFORT, Bitcoinbon Austria's leading bitcoin broker that offers services for consumers (buying bitcoin with cash) and businesses (accepting bitcoin payments). B / 8.50
Bity CHF Bity Kiosks (Bitcoin Cash ATMs), SOFORT The easiest way to acquire or sell bitcoins in Switzerland, France, and Germany. Bitcoin cash ATMs are located in Geneva, Lausanne, Zürich, Montreux, Neuchâtel. B+ / 8.45
Safello SEPA, SOFORT, iDeal and Handelsbanken Direct Safello is the safe and simple bitcoin exchange for European customers in 37 countries. Instant buying and selling with online bank transfers. B / 8.40
Bitsane SEPA, OKPay, Advcash Bitsane is a spot trading exchange for BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. B+ / 8.45
BTCX SEK SEPA BTCX is the oldest Swedish bitcoin exchange. You can buy bitcoin with Euros (SEPA) or Swedish Crowns (SEK) through Swish or a bank transfer. B+ / 8.35
Bitwala incl. excluding + 20 More SEPA, SWIFT World’s leading bitcoin prepaid card & blockchain banking that allows global bank transfers to over 200 countries. B / 8.30
Buysomebitcoins incl. Gift Cards Buy BTC with credit card instantly. Credit/debit and gift cards accepted. No ID verification required.

The exchange BuySomeBitcoins has been acquired by SIFR ltd. The website currently doesn't work.

B+ / 8.25
WEX (ex BTC-E) excl. PaySafe, PerfectMoney WEX (ex BTC-E) is one of the oldest bitcoin exchange in the world. On the 28th of July 2017, US authorities seized the domain name.

All the websites of BTC-e trading platform (including such domain names as, and were shut down on November, 2018 by the U.S. government.

C / 5.10
BTCChina (CLOSED) excl. Crypto Capital BTCChina, one of the leading Bitcoin exchanges in China, is permanently shutting down on Sep 14, 2017. B / 8.45

Should you have questions regarding this “top 100 exchanges” article, feel free to drop a comment to us at BitcoinBestBuy, so we can improve it in the future.

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